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Surveillance for your Business Security

Avigilon - Underutilizing Security REPORTIn a recent study by Forbes, many organizations underutilize video surveillance in their business*. The majority of those surveyed (58 percent) said they cover less than half of their valuable assets with video surveillance; unsurprisingly, businesses with widely distributed assets, such as remotely located power stations or cell towers, face particular challenges covering a majority of their assets with video surveillance.

According to the same survey, of respondents who do use video surveillance, a majority (66 percent) said that for the locations or facilities where video surveillance is in use, fewer than half are actively monitored by security personnel. The top concern preventing more monitoring is cost-effectiveness (52 percent of respondents).

Recent advances in digital video technologies make it possible to address concerns about the effectiveness and cost of active monitoring and to deal with bandwidth issues for remote sites. Deploying increased intelligence in cameras and in devices at the edge of the network can help ensure that people get access to the right video data in a timely manner.



Surveillance – Large, Small and Affordable! 

Scalability and affordability are the operative words. Scalability in efficiently and effectively handling and processing large amount of data dependent upon the needs of the client, affordability within the financial means for the business owner to implement those needs. And one of the biggest concerns is cost and the ability to effectively monitor activity, being able to quickly focus in on an important incident in order to swiftly go into action. Video Analytics brings that focus of attention to the right incident at the right time, and affordably.

Trusted Security Solutions – Globally

Always on the edge of technology, Avigilon designs, develops, and manufactures video analytics, network video management software and hardware, surveillance cameras, and access control solutions. Avigilon's solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites, including school campuses, transportation systems, healthcare centers, public venues, critical infrastructure, prisons, factories, casinos, airports, financial institutions, government facilities, and retailers. MAXX Computer Technologies has a reputation in identifying requirements and the need of our clients, then integrating solutions effortlessly to you and your business. 

Total Access Control for Small Businesses

Challenges for small businesses in affordably controlling access to their facility can be numerable. Avigilon has successfully met and removed those challenges with a new breed of affordable, web-based physical access control systems.  “Network security and building security are equally important. If either system is compromised, the organization is immediately at risk. But while many network security systems are now built to support IT best practices and standards, such as virtualization, physical access control systems (PACS) have traditionally been designed without IT professionals in mind.” Click here to access Avigilon’s “5 Reasons for IT to Get Physical with Access Control”.




Avigilon 6.0MP Fisheye Camera

Avigilon 6.0MP Fisheye camera is ahigh-resolution, 360-degree panoramic view with no blind spots. Built on the H4 platform, this indoor/outdoor camera provides clear image details in any lighting condition.


6.0L-H4F-DO1-IRavigilon 6.0L-H4F-D01-IR

Avigilon 12.0MP Fisheye Camera

Avigilon 12.0MP Fisheye camera is a high-resolution, 360-degree panoramic view with no blind spots. Built on the H4 platform, this indoor/outdoor camera provides clear image details in any lighting condition.


Avigilon 12.0MP Fishey Camera 12.0L-H4F-DO1-IR

5.0L-H4A-BO1-IR & 5.0L-H4A-BO2-IR

Avigilon H4 5.0MP 4.3-8mm & 12.0MP Bullet Camera

Both of these Avigilon H4 Edge Bullet cameras are high-resolution cameras embedded with self-learning video analytics allowing security personnel the ability to respond proactively to incidents as they occur.


It has the ability for both daytime and nighttime enhanced image quality, regardless of scene conditions. The Avigilon bullet cameras are also equipped with new Triple Exposure Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and patented LightCatcher™ technology which ensures the very best in image detail. 


These cameras are extremely effective for monitoring a variety of environments requiring 24 hour coverage such as parking lots, campus facilities, industrial property and more.  




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