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Kuna Smart Outdoor Security - Prevention, not just detection.


Stop Break-ins Before They Happen

MAXX Computer Technologies is proud to announce another breakthrough technology for the average home owner… KUNA Powered Devices make it appear you’re home, even when you’re not by allowing you to see and talk to your visitor no matter where you are. Smart, convenient, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE. Now a little more peace of mind knowing, according to statistics, most burglaries occur when it is believed no one is at home… but they will never know for sure with KUNA. And, not only is it affordable, it is easy to install! 

Smart Detection allows the app to record 10 seconds before an event is triggered, ensuring you always have the whole story.
Always know what happens outside your home. Get instant alerts to your smartphone, so you can see and respond to what’s happening.
Interact via a two-way intercom. Set up an automatic greeting, play pre-recorded messages, sound an alarm, or call the police.

Kuna - Smart Security Light

Kuna - Stop Break-In's Before They Happen

Nick Calderone, Senior Editor, Writer & Co-Founder of Mac Sources interviewed Haomiao Huang, Co-Founder & CTO of KUNA at the 2016 CES (Consumer Electronics Show). Haomiao gives you a quick overview of this incredibly simple, cost efficient and inexpensive technology which any home owner could easily install. 

The peace of mind it provides in helping to deter home break-ins is worth any cost, but for the average homeowner, KUNA makes it affordable. 

Kuna - Prevention, not just detection.

Kuna - Stop Break-In's Before They Happen

Ever wonder why and how great ideas and technologies are created... and what does go into the creativity? All too often, technology gives way to products that take on a more “this is cool” identity to the consumer rather than a “this is necessary for my daily life” need. Haomiao Huang, co-founder of Kuna Systems, explained what he discovered while he was asking himself those same questions which eventually led him to the Kuna. It was all about removing the gimmicks from IoT technologies and coming up with a “must-have” product that people really needed and could rely on for actual and important aspects of their daily lives. This was a very interesting video which gives us a look into what was behind this discovery and its implementation. And FYI, IoT technology is Internet of Things technology.

Kuna - Smart Outdoor Home Security for Everyone

The DIY easy installation guide shows just how any home owner can install the KUNA Powered Smart Security and Companion Lights. It requires just a few tools which most, if not all, homeowners use around the house.

Kuna - Protect What Matters Most. No Risk. 60-day Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping. 1-year Warranty.

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